clarence frederick dafoe (1918 - 2004)

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Clarence Fredrick Dafoe, at the age of 86, passed away peacefully at the Hanna Health Care Centre on December 7, 2004, with his loving wife Anna at his side.

'Fred' was born in Veteran, Alberta on September 14, 1918. He was the second of four children born to Clarence and Ella Dafoe. In 1928 his mother passed away and in 1930 his father Clarence was remarried.

Fred went into basic training in 1939 in Red Deer. He later went to London, Ontario where he joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1940. In 1942 Fred boarded the HMCS Saguenay as Able Seaman until it was torpedoed and disabled in 1943. He then served on a Harbor Craft until he was reassigned aboard the HMCS Magog. The HMCS Magog was rammed and towed into harbor. (this is incorrect as we know the Magog was torpedoed - P.H.) Again, Able Seaman Dafoe was reassigned. This time to the HMCS Hespler where he remained until victory was declared and Fred returned home to the farm near Hemaruka in 1945.

Fred was awarded 4 service medals for his honorable contribution to his country.

According to this Obituary Clarence served aboard the HMCS Saguenay, Harbor Craft, HMCS Magog, and HMCS Hespler

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