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Verdun (Don) Gilbert -  LIEUTENANT - 1916 - 2016
Herbert Charles Montgomery - Lieutenant - 1924 - 2016

 I created this site for my Father-In-Law and his shipmates.
Harold (Bud) Robertson passed away on March 9th 2014, in his 90th year.
He lived life to the fullest right to the very end and set a good example for all of us.

Video Remember Me - A Remembrance Tribute by Paul Hock

At one minute past midnight on 28 May 1945, all Canadian ships at sea turned on their running lights.
It signaled the end of the Battle of the Atlantic.

She was built to protect and escort allied convoys against the threat of German U-Boats during the 2nd World War.  Although her history plying the waters of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence was brief it did not diminish the bravery and sacrifice of her crew.  Their actions give testimony to the thousands of volunteer and enlisted personnel of all branches of the armed forces of Canada.  They trained, fought, were wounded and died in defense of their country and her allies.

Farm boys that had never set eyes on the ocean became sailors.  People from every walk of life became members of the Armed Forces of Canada because they believed it was the right thing to do.

The story of the Magog is a fragment of the bigger picture of World War Two.  It is however a glimpse into the valour and sacrifice that so many made. It is my way of saying thanks to my Father-In-Law, my Father and all the men and women that asked for nothing in return but the ability to carry on with their lives in freedom. We can all respect this by taking a few moments in our life to say thank you to those that are still with us and those that have moved on.

Special thanks to Edison Stewart of Ottawa who is the son of Errol Stewart. He really started this project with their Site: http://www3.sympatico.ca/edison.stewart/intro.htm

Crew Members Additions   Large detailed picture of HMCS Magog 

I've added this picture because what are the odds of knowing two guys that survived torpedo attacks
in the Second World War.  Well here they are and I had the honour of knowing both of them.

Wear a Poppy on November 11th
Attend a Ceremony - Thank a veteran - Always Remember

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