HMAS Diamantina (K377)

Her Story

( Information Courtesy of Queensland Maritime Museum )

The former HMAS Diamantina is a River Class Frigate, designed in Great Britain and built in Australia. Although designed as an anti-submarine vessel, her primary duties were in bombardment support of army operations. Her seven sister ships, also built in Australia, were Barcoo, Barwon, Burdekin, Gascoyne, Hawkesbury, Lachlan and Macquarie. Diamantina was named after the Diamantina River in Queensland. The river was named after Countess Diamantina Roma Bowen, wife of the first Governor of Queensland, Sir George Ferguson Bowen. She was built in Queensland by Walkers of Maryborough, was laid down 12 April, 1943 and launched on 06 April, 1944. The Museum's librarian, Peter Nunan, is the author of a recently published history of the ship. The book can be purchased through the Museum's book shop.

Her significance to World War 2 maritime history is immense:

  • She is one of only 2 surviving World War 2 veterans in the world upon which surrenders were signed
  • She is the only survivor of a class of some 140 ships which saw extensive and successful service as convoy escorts in the Atlantic
  • She is the largest World War 2 ship surviving in Australia


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