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After the torpedoing of the Magog she was taken in tow by HMCS Toronto, then Shawinigan to a nearby bay.   After the worst injured were evacuated by seaplane two days later she was towed by the Lord Strathcona to Quebec City.  Below are pictures of the damages incurred including drydock photos. I have tried to put these into a sequence of events and would like to give credit to the origins of all the photos. If anyone can help with any of these details please email me:

NOTE: Some photos on this page are repeated on linked collections and have larger formats in those collections.

HMCS Shawinigan K-136

HMCS Toronto K-538

HMCS Magog K-673 after being torpedoed

This was taken shortly after being torpedoed, notice the large
oil slick. Also how wide the St. Lawrence is here.

This picture shows the Magog in tow?  The other ship is the Shawinigan. She took up the towing task after HMCS Toronto had
to leave to locate the sub.

This launch is moving the injured to a seaplane (see the wingtip in upper right hand) Harold (Bud) Roberston remembers
being strapped on a stretcher and moved this way to the plane.  He believes this is him in the photo straddled on top of the launch.

The plane that evacuated some of the injured was a PBY-5 CANSO FLYING BOAT similar to the one depicted in this photo

Survivors standing on the gun deck. No doubt thankful to be alive.
(If you know their names please email me.)
(From the The Esraelian Collection)


Another photo of the damage.  The shadow of someone saluting makes
it even more interesting.
(From the The Esraelian Collection)

If you ever wondered how much damage a torpedo could do?
(From the The Esraelian Collection)

(From the The Esraelian Collection)

I Believe this is Herb Montgomery



Below I have straightend the horizon line to give you a
perspective of the ship under way.

This group of photos courtesy of Herb Montgomery, RCN, Ret'd


In Quebec City

In Drydock
(From the
The Esraelian Collection)


HMCS Waskesiu
(The ship to which many of the surviving crew were transferred)

The three crewmembers that died in the attack are on the Memorial in Magog, Quebec

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