This is the type of aircraft that flew Harold (Bud) Robertson and the other badly injured out of Bay

Author: This Picture I've blown up and enhanced is the only thing I have to identify the seaplane.  After looking over a lot of pictures and consulting my father-In-Law I came to the conclusion it was the Canso.  I have not been able to find any record of the planes crew and rescue operation but am assuming it was am RCAF plane that took part. Any additional information would be appreciated email paul@hmcsmagog.com


Designed specifically for ocean patrol duties, the Canso amphibian had good range and endurance. All Canadian-operated Cansos were built in Canada, either by Boeing Aircraft of Canada or Canadian Vickers Ltd, and many were supplied to Canada’s allies. The Canso was a very successful anti-submarine patrol bomber during Second World War and continued in service with the RCAF until 1962. Many were sold after the war and some were still operating in the Canadian North in the early 1990s

Authors Note: On the Flying Boat or Seaplane - Canadian planes were called Cansos and The RAF called theirs Catalinas


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