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This is the only crew picture I have been able to find. I know there are many missing
from this photo including Harold Robertson & Errol Stewart who joined them later. 
I don't know if there are any other photos of the crew.

Names & Information 

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Davis, Thomas Edward, RCNVR     Toronto, Ont. 23 Petty Officer
Elliot, Gordon Tait, RCNVR       Calgary 19 Ordinary Seaman
Kelly, Kenneth Joseph, RCNVR   Arnprior 28 Able Seaman
Quick, Lewis Dennis, RCNR        Lieutenant - Captain
Taylor, Roland Shirley      Lieutenant
Gilbert, Verdun (Don)     Lieutenant

Montgomery, Herb         Lieutenant
Paterson, Jack     Lieutenant
Larson, Bertil Frederick,       Lieutenant (E)
McKinney, Joseph Gordon Lyle     Chief Petty Officer
  Steele, N. J.     Petty Officer
  Bailey, Barney     CPO (ASDIC)
  Blackwell, Nelson Alexander PENDING PROOF    
  Borassa,     Leading Seaman
Connors, Patrick M.     Crew member
  Cox, James Duncan       Crew member
Dafoe, Clarence Fredrick     Crew member
  Eckhardt, John William, RCN     Crew member

Esraelian, Dick   

St Catharines, Ont.   Stoker 1st class
  Hammond, Victor O.  Sault St. Marie, Ont   E.R.A. 3rd Class .
Harris, Raymond        Crew member
  Howes, Norman        Chief Stoker
  Hunter, Gordon      19 E.R.A. RCNVR
  Lapsley, Alfred        Chief Petty Officer
  Lipsett, Gordon       
Lusky, Louis (Lou)       Crew member
  Maddigan, John Patrict, RCN   21 Crew member
  MacKay,  Ray A.       Radio Operator
Miniely, Lawrence  Rainy River, Ont.   Wireless Operator
Murphy, John Ernest Charlottetown, PEI    
  Oldland, Gordon Robert      L/StokerV35428, RCNVR
  *Reid ? PENDING PROOF   Leading Seaman
  Ritchie, C. Douglas PENDING PROOF    
Peasland, John Ronald      
Robertson, Harold (Bud)  Kitchener, Ont.   Crew member EA 4/C
Shales, Donald "Keith"   Kingston, Ont   Crew member
  Stanley, James D. .       Able Seaman Asdic Rating
Stewart, Errol       Crew member
  Vincent Wise Toronto / London Ont.   Crew member
Ward, Tom    Crew member
  Wright, John Arthur    Montréal, Qué.   Stoker 1st class

* found a reference to a Reid - in charge of the seaboats crew? need more information


The names that show a camera have a picture, click on the camera to see it. The symbol indicates an article written by the crew member or someone that is acquainted with them.  In some cases they are obituaries I have found.  If you have photos, information, articles etc. of any crew members including the missing  ones of the men that died please send it as a word document .jpg .gif or .tif to


Thomas Edward Davis

Gordon Tait Elliot

Kenneth Joseph Kelly


Photos Courtesy of
Author Robert D'Aoust.



 Lewis Dennis Quick

Roland Shirley Taylor

Verdun (Don) Gilbert


 Errol Stewart

Dick Esraelian

McKinney, Joseph Lyle




Herb Montgomery

Donald "Keith" Shales

Ray A. Mackay



Raymond Harris

Harold (Bud) Robertson

John Arthur Wright




Louis (Lou) Lusky

Victor Hammond

Gordon Lipsett


James Duncan Cox

John Ronald Peasland

Lawrence (Buzz) Miniely


John Erest Murphy

Jim Stanley

Barney Bailey


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