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Ray Harris and Clyde Stickley

The email I received from Sandy and Denise Harris is as follows:
 I have tried to link to the photo descriptions in their text.  I believe some of these may relate to the ship Ray's brother was on and not the Magog.
If anyone can confirm any of these descriptions
it would be of great help.  Paul Hock

Hi Mr. Hock 

I found some of my dads ship photos and am sending them to you. Bermuda 1944 was a square-rigger that entered a hurricane the same time as the Magog and was still with the Magog four days later when the hurricane ended. The two pictures of the torpedo being fished out of the water had been fired at them and missed off Greenland. The torpedo was fished because this was when the first acoustic torpedoes were coming out and the government wanted them. Dads brother was on this ship, the HMCS Assiniboine, dad jumped off his ship and swam over to his brotherís ship to see him since he had not seen him since the start of the war. The captain of the Magog did not reprimand dad for this action because the captain had not also seen a family member since the start of the war and understood why dad did it. Image 27 is of the crew in Halifax; Raymond Harris was the second person in the second row from the left. Sourcouf was a French sub; just after this photo was taken the British ordered it sunk because it had sank two British war vessels. Raymond Harris was the gunner first class; his guns were the 20 mm oerlikons on the left side. Image 44 is a photo of hedgehogs, which are forward firing depth charges. Feel free to use what photos you would like. 

The information I have given you is correct as far as I know. Thank you again for putting together the web site so everyone will know about the men who served on the Magog.


I find this interesting as the Magog was commisioned in May of 1944, torpedoed in October of 1944, and decommisioned December 20, 1944.  She was however launched in September 1943 so in theory was in the water over that Christmas period. 
I have a couple of theories maybe someone can help. email - Paul Hock

Bermuda 1944


Retrieving German Torpedoes off Greenland

Note From Paul: This may have taken place on Ray's brothers ship.  I doubt it was the Magog as my Father-In-Law would have remembered it and there are no records she was ever off Greenland during her short career. These are really neat photos if anyone can confirm when, where and by whom? Brave crewmen.

HMCS Assiniboine


Some Of The Crew In Halifax



Note From Paul: Sourcouf from my research was a Free French Navy Vessel that although surrounded by controversy was not sunk by the British but accidently rammed by a freighter on her way to Tahiti via the Panama Canal. She was in Halifax and Canadian waters in 1941 - 42.  I'm sure there was lots of "Scuttlebutt" surrounding this vessel

20 mm Oerlikons






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